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Hi There! We are Chris and Lyndsay Lamph, the husband and wife property duo here to help you realise your property dreams.

We work closely with our clients to find out their requirements, help them secure the right property and see the process through to legal completion.
We will guide you through every step of the process and answer any questions you may have.
We differentiate ourselves through the use of technology and solid research so that the process is simple for you but the rationale for investment is also built on solid foundations.

Chris Lamph

Commercial Director

Chris is passionate about property investment and particularly how technology and efficient use of the tax system can help maximise return on investment. Chris holds a BSc. Economics and Finance and an MSc. Quantitative Finance.

Chris has over 12 years experience in business which includes a successful financial consultancy and tech training business. He previously worked in various Tier 1 investment and retail banks in London and Dublin. Chris has successfully delivered and managed multimillion pound technology projects to the banking sector.

Lyndsay Lamph

Operations Director

Lyndsay loves property and in particular she has a keen eye for interior design and the smooth operational running of the business.

Lyndsay is from a medical background having two science degrees and extensive lab and clinical hospital experience. Lyndsay also has experience running a  business specialising in aesthetics. Lyndsay has a keen eye for detail and is a strong project manager which is crucial for smooth refurb projects.

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