Invest with us

Thank you for expressing an interest in wanting to invest with us.

We work with a small group of like minded investors that share our values and understand our long term strategy. We keep our circle deliberately small to build trust with our partners and give them maximum value.

Most of our current projects are over-subscribed, but we have a number of opportunities on the horizon for future investment.

If you heard of us through a friend, colleague or fellow investor please get in touch and we will be happy to have a discussion to see if we can work together.

 We offer two main ways to invest:

  1. Fixed term Loan: You loan us money for one of our projects and we give you a fixed rate of interest on your money.
  2. Joint venture (JV): A JV is where we partner together on a property project sharing all the risks.

Please email us at or book a zoom call so we can discuss this further.

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