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Property Investment Sourcing

1. Bespoke property sourcing Wakefield with Chris and Lyndsay Lamph

We understand that every investor has different requirements and we want to help you find the perfect investment property. Our bespoke property sourcing service is a hassle free option for you to acquire your first investment property or build your portfolio.



The sourcing process - from initial call to property completion


Get in touch

Drop us an email to arrange a call or book a call directly in our calendar using the “Book a call” button (top right). Totally free.


Discovery call

We will have a 15 minute call to discuss your specific needs and what your property investment goals are to see if we can help. This is a free, no obligation call. We will also explain all the costs if you decide to go ahead with the service at this point.


The search begins

We will begin the search for a property that matches your specific investment criteria. We may have something on our list already and if not we will use our extensive network to find what you need.


Sourcing Updates

We pride ourselves on great communication, we will keep you updated throughout the process to let you know how things are going.


Surveys, Legals and completion

We will guide you through the remainder of the buying process to secure your investment property. We can work with your solicitor and other professionals to close the deal.


Purchase complete!

Interactive Investment map

Some areas in Yorkshire we love.

The heart of the Northern Powerhouse.

Things to consider when buying for investment

Solid Positive Cashflow...
the breadcrumbs

As an investor of course you want a good overall return on your investment, but you also need to ensure the properties running costs are covered by the rent every month. There is little point in having a valuable asset if you can’t afford to make the mortgage payments every month. The cash coming in must be greater than the cash going out (Positive cashflow). 

That means after all expenses e.g. mortgage costs, insurance and management fees that you’re left with a solid net income. 

This typically means investing in high yielding areas (7%+) in the North of England like those listed above e.g. Leeds, Liverpool etc. Yields in properties in the South East are typically too low and you run the risk of the property costing you money in the short term. 

Positive cashflow is extremely important but the goal is not just to find the highest yielding/cashflowing properties as these properties typically have very poor long term capital appreciation. We believe in a careful balance between solid cashflow and excellent predicted capital appreciation.

Strong Capital Appreciation...
the whole cake

If you want to build long term wealth for you and your family it is not the monthly cashflow that is going to make you wealthy but the capital appreciation of your property portfolio over the medium to long term (think 10, 20 years). Property prices can of course fluctuate but have historically increased over long periods of time.

Positive Cashflow is great and can cover your personal expenses but long term wealth is built on, for example, a 5% average annual increase on your £120k property over 10 years which is then worth almost £195k. So it is important to choose areas with strong, consistent capital appreciation, not just the highest cash flowing properties. 

There are good reasons why some areas have huge yields (15%+), they’re terrible areas for capital appreciation, difficult to sell and will likely have troublesome tenants. You are receiving a small premium for the headaches you’re going to have.

What happens next? Our Project Management Service

Let and Forget.

Many of our investors want a simple Buy to Let (BTL) property that’s in good condition upon purchase and that they can let out right away to start getting passive income on an interest only mortgage. A local letting agent can source a good tenant and also manage your property (we can recommend some). A hassle free investment that grows in value and provides residual income every month. A good Buy to Let is a set and forget type of investment with the lowest tenant turnover among property strategies.

Minor fixes. Light touch

If the property needs some minor cosmetic work like painting, decorating, odd jobs or new white goods we can arrange all that for you with our project management service. We will source, co-ordinate and project manage all the changes for a small fee, alternatively you can of course do this yourself or get your own team. Pricing is covered in our FAQs section. 

Full Refurb. The kitchen sink.

If the property needs a larger refurb e.g. new kitchen, new bathrooms, decorating, electrics etc. we can also project manage this project for you. This is a hands free service where we can organise builders, tradesmen and manage the full project end to end.

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